3rd Annual Twin Cities Labor Sing! Featuring the Twin Cities Labor Chorus Emmett Doyle, and other special guests. Admission is free, but your donations help get the Twin Cities Labor Chorus to the 2016 Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival. Where: MN AFL-CIO Labor Pavilion, State Fairgrounds (Dan Patch & Cooper) - When: Tuesday, July 28, 7:00 pm.

Labor Movie Night - July 17th "Modern Times” 6:00 p.m.

Modern Times is a 1936 silent comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in which his iconic Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the modern, industrialized world. The film is a comment on the desperate employment and fiscal conditions many people faced during the Great Depression, conditions created, in Chaplin's view, by the efficiencies of modern industrialization.

United Labor Center, 

 312 Central Ave. SE

Third Friday of the month, 6:00 pm 

Room 356 or 467

Snacks, beer and soda will be available during the films. Donations appreciated!

 Established in April 1950, AFSCME Local 34 represents over 2000 Social Service employees of Hennepin County.

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AFSCME Local 34                  Updated 7/2/2015

Supreme Court Takes Case That Could Devastate Public Union Finances! The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday decided to take on a case that could potentially devastate public union finances. Friedrichs v. California seeks to overturn the right of public unions to require all members who receive the benefits of representation, including higher wages and benefits, to pay union dues. Current law allows workers to withhold payment of any fees used for certain political activity.  The anti-union National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation is using this case to try and impose so-called ‘Right To Work’ conditions on public unions nationwide. ‘Right To Work’ laws force unions to collectively bargain for all workers in an organized workplace. Workers enjoying those collective bargaining benefits under ‘Right To Work’ get to free ride without paying fees to the union to cover bargaining costs. The 1977 Abood Supreme Court case firmly established the right of public unions to compel payment of dues and fees. This case could overturn Abood. This case challenges the very survival of public sector unions.

Today, Love Wins! In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Same-sex couples across the country will soon be able to marry and know that their marriage will be recognized and respected no matter the state. This decision affirms what a supermajority of Americans believe - that the freedom to marry is a fundamental right that belongs to all. Because of the Court’s decision, our union became a little stronger, and a little more perfect.

Affordable Care Act Wins! The Supreme Court of the United States turned back the GOP’s last serious challenge to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). In a 6-3 decision, the Court essentially said the challenge to Obamacare was without merit. "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not destroy them," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote. The Court's ruling is great news for the 16+ million Americans who have quality, affordable insurance today because of the healthcare law.



Education, Engagement, and Outreach! Our contract campaign is already starting with events planned by our EE&O Committee. We welcome all members to join us as we work on those plans and come up with ideas to involve folks at every work site. The next two meetings are scheduled for Monday, July 6th and Monday, August 3rd, both at 5:30 PM in HSB L14/L15. Food is provided so you can feed your creativity as you come up with a game plan. Any questions that you have about EE&O should be directed to Norm Meier, Chair. He can be reached at 612-348-5735.

Supplemental Negotiation Proposal! Our Local 34 members who attended the Master Committee meetings will meet mid-July to craft our Local 34 supplemental proposal – taking all the ideas and suggestions offered by you that are specific to our job classes and the work that we do. That supplemental proposal, along with the supplemental proposals from the other locals, will then be added to the general proposal for the finished document.  

2015 Contract Negotiations Schedule! August 10th - (Union’s first proposal), August 24th - (Management’s first proposal and debate begins), September 3rd , September 14th , October 8th , October 15th, November 2nd, November 16th.  

Table Team! Our Local 34 Table Team, the folks who will represent us in negotiations, were appointed at our June 3rd General Assembly. Our Local 34 Table Team members are Jean Diederich, Alex Erickson, Kenneth W. Garnier, Tywanna Gray and Kathy Kelly. The Table Team began meeting the week of June 8th to begin preparations for its first meeting with the Employer on August 10. Two additional Local 34 members were added to the Table Team by a vote of the general membership at the 7/1 meeting: Maggie Keating, Brenda Louise.

Negotiation Changes! County Benefits Manager Jeremy Zajicek is leaving the County and Labor Relations Director Bill Peters will be retiring as of September 11, 2015, and will not be leading this year’s Negotiations with AFSCME. This means that in the Fall, the AFSCME Business Representatives will be new, the County Board Chair will be new, and the County’s Labor Relations Director will be new - should be an interesting Fall!

Look for the Contract Survey! A 2015 contract negotiations survey is coming to a work site near you soon. We will be talking to our fellow members about issues that are important to us as we work on our contract proposal. We are asking for home email and phone numbers so we are able to spread any news, get notices of actions, ask for feedback, etc., in a speedy fashion. Please take the time to fill out the survey when we stop by. Volunteers to talk to members are welcome. let one of the other officers or stewards know if we have not already invited you to join us in the fun. 



Protecting Children in Hennepin County! By the end of the year, about 100 more county employees could be working to protect children. The Hennepin County Board, meeting as the Health and Human Services Committee, put its support behind a staff recommendation to hire 98 new employees in the Human Services and Public Health Department and five new employees in the County Attorney's Office. All of the new hires would be assisting with child protective services. Human Services Assistant County Administrator Rex Holzemer said over the past nine to 12 months, reports of possible child abuse have been significantly increasing in Hennepin County. In 2014, there were more than 15,000 such reports in the county. If the current trend holds steady, he said, projections show there could be about 17,500 reports in 2015 and more than 21,000 reports in 2016. Even with the 103 new employees, the staffing levels will likely be below what the child protection services best management practices call for if those projections become a reality. While the Health and Human Services Committee supported the measure, the new positions will not be created until after the County Board votes on the issue, which is expected to take place Tuesday, July 7. Before that meeting, the commissioners will have a briefing on a report that assessed the county's child protection services. By the time the Commissioners vote on the issue, they could make some amendments to staff's suggestion, including possibly changing the number of new employees that will be hired.

Congratulations! Please join us in congratulating Paul Madison who was elected at our June Executive Board meeting to fill the vacant Member-at-Large seat.

New Stewards Appointed! Senior Social Workers Alexander O. Gordon and Cassandra Dutrieuille. The Chief Stewards are looking to fill up to 8 more steward positions. In particular, they’re interested in finding more Social Workers and Child Protection Social Workers interested in working with and helping colleagues - there have been many grievances directed at Social Workers recently, and there are ongoing issues that good, committed Social Worker Stewards could help address.

Local 34 Officer and Meeting Updates! President Diederich will be out for a month, starting June 26th, for knee surgery. In Jean's absence, Laura Ross, our first Vice President, is in charge with the able assistance of Kathy Kelly, our second Vice President as well as our other officers and stewards. Laura Ross will chair the July General Assembly meeting. The regular July Executive Board meeting has been canceled. An abbreviated meeting will be held during the Executive Board's upcoming retreat.

AFSCME State Employee Contract Negotiations! AFSCME reached a tentative contract agreement on June 26. The master team unanimously recommends the two-year deal, which would cover 17,500 state employees. The deal includes a 2.5 percent raise effective July 1, 2015 plus a 2.5 percent raise effective July 1, 2016. That’s one percent more than the employer wanted to give them. In addition, they preserved step increases for both years of the contract. The union team also beat back $74 million in health insurance take-backs.

University Employees Demand Respect, Decent Pay! Nearly 4,000 AFSCME and Teamsters members — front-line workers at the University of Minnesota — are speaking up about grossly unequal pay as they negotiate a new contract with the university. While more than 3,000 university employees earn at least $100,000 a year, and basketball coach Richard Pitino was recently awarded a $400,000 raise, there are more than 400 university workers who make less than $15 an hour. "The University likes to pit students against staff. They say if they give our underpaid workers a raise then they'll have to raise tuition," said Cherrene Horazuk, president of AFSCME Local 3800 (Council 5). "We see that as a false choice. The University of Minnesota has more than 600 administrators who make at least $100,000 a year. This bloated and growing section of middle-management could easily be trimmed so the workers who keep the U of M running can make ends meet." Read more  

Wage Crushers Portal! The Center for Media and Democracy launched WageCrushers.org, a web resource devoted to exposing the corporations, trade associations, "think tanks," and front groups working hard against better wages, benefits, and family-supporting jobs for the American workforce. WageCrushers.org identifies some of the key behind-the-scenes players in anti-worker campaigns.  

ASCME Council 5 Convention! The Council 5 Convention will held in Duluth on September 30th – October 3rd. We traditionally receive the convention call towards the end of summer and elect our delegates at the September General Assembly.

Council 5 Executive Board Vacancy (County Sector)! This is a call for Nominations to fill the unexpired term (until 10/16) of Steve Reeves, a County Sector member of the Council 5 Executive Board. Applicants should be a County employee and member of AFSCME in good standing. Local 34 members can apply! Applications are due by Monday, July 13th to Michelle Stein, AFSCME Council 5, 300 Hardman Ave. S., South St. Paul, MN 55075.

Reward Great Effort! Council 5 is accepting nominations for its annual Achievement Awards. The awards honor individual members, an AFSCME local, or a group of members or locals who made outstanding contributions in the last year in these four areas: ·  Communications ·  Local union development ·  Organizing ·  Political activism. All nominations must be received by Friday, August 7. For details on each award, and where to submit nominations, see afscmemn.org.

Attention Retirees: The Union Movement needs your experience, talent and participation! Local 34 has taken action to affiliate with AFSCME Chapter 5 Retirees United. In addition, you are able to participate by association with the Minneapolis Regional Retiree Council. The Minneapolis Regional Retiree Council meets at 1:00 p.m., the third Thursday of the month (excluding July, August and December) at the Union Bank building located at 312 Central Ave SE, Mpls, 55414 (Room 218). The Minneapolis Retiree Council has members from different unions (teachers, letter carriers, plumbers) - this gives retirees a better understanding of issues that are important to all retirees. Retirees have alot to offer and share to grow the Union Movement and we would like you to join us. You are invited to attend a meeting to hear a guest speaker talk about issues relevant to retirees, or one of our social events coming up soon. To find out more, please contact Graeme Allen at Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation by phone @ 612-481-2144 or by email @ graeme@minneapolisunions.org or Tom Beer @ doucetbeer@earthlink.net.


Minneapolis Pops Orchestra Begins 66th Season of Free Summer Concerts! The Minneapolis Pops Orchestra began its 66th season of free outdoor concerts Saturday, June 27 with a 7:30 p.m. performance at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. The members of the Pops Orchestra are members of the Twin Cities Musicians Union Local 30-73. Among the finest musicians in the region, Pops members also perform with the Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Opera Orchestra, and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. The Pops' Lake Harriet concerts will continue through July 26, with performances Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 6:30 p.m.  The Minneapolis Pops Orchestra also will perform four free concerts for seniors weekday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, June 30, July 6, July 15 and July 21. The Pops also will perform July 21 6:30 pm at Elliot Park, 1000 E 14th Street, Minneapolis. New for 2015: the Pops Orchestra will perform in Saint Paul July 3 at 7:00 p.m. at Como Pavilion, 1360 North Lexington Parkway. For the complete Minneapolis Pops Orchestra schedule and program information, visit www.mplspops.org.

AFSCME Next Wave! Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, 11:00, July 11th, at the Council 5 office (300 Hardman Avenue South, South St. Paul.

MSSA Region 12 “All Stars” Networking Event! This year the event is being held at the Park Tavern in St. Louise Park on Tuesday, July 14th from 5-7 pm. MSSA invites all member agencies (both Hennepin County and AFSCME Local 34 are member agencies in MSSA) and their staff to nominate an outstanding person in their agency to be recognized. MSSA is looking for people you believe exemplify the all-star qualities which make your agency a success. This individual can be a new employee, seasoned staff member, a volunteer or even an intern. Please click here to download a nominations form and complete the requested information before July 7. MSSA provides complimentary appetizers prepared by the restaurant, nominees are recognized and a raffle (gift cards etc.) is conducted for all attendees at the end of the evening.

Labor Movie Night! "Modern Times”, July 17, 6:00 p.m., United Labor Center,  312 Central Ave. SE, Mpls. Snacks, beer and soda will be available during the films. Donations appreciated! Modern Times is a 1936 silent comedy film written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in which his iconic Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the modern, industrialized world. The film is a comment on the desperate employment and fiscal conditions many people faced during the Great Depression, conditions created, in Chaplin's view, by the efficiencies of modern industrialization.  

Plaque will be Unveiled at Site of 1934 Teamster Strikes "Bloody Friday'! July 20, 1934: Minneapolis police opened fire on unarmed Teamsters union pickets, killing two and wounding more than 60 more. The day became known as "Bloody Friday" and was one of the key events in a series of strikes that year which transformed Minneapolis into a union town. Now, 81 years later, a plaque commemorating "Bloody Friday" finally will mark the site, located at the corner of North 7th Ave. and North 3rd Street in the Minneapolis warehouse district. The plaque will be unveiled as part of an event planned Saturday, July 18, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., organized by the Remember 1934 Committee. For more information, e-mail remember1934mpls@gmail.com or visit www. facebook.com/Remember1934.

3rd Annual Twin Cities Labor Sing! Featuring the Twin Cities Labor Chorus Emmett Doyle, and other special guests. Admission is free, but your donations help get the Twin Cities Labor Chorus to the 2016 Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival. Where: MN AFL-CIO Labor Pavilion, State Fairgrounds (Dan Patch & Cooper) - When: Tuesday, July 28, 7:00 pm.

Celebrate 50 Years of Medicare! The Minnesota Nurses Association would like to cordially invite you to the Medicare turns 50 Birthday BBQ Bash on Thursday, July 30 in St. Paul. Medicare is an American as apple pie (Protect Improve Expand Medicare) so join us for an all American birthday BBQ, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Medicare, one of the greatest social safety net pieces of legislation ever signed into law and what we hope to be the basis of a single payer system for our entire nation. Where: Highland Park Picnic Shelter, 1227 Montreal Ave. St. Paul - When: Thursday, July 30 from 5:00-8:00 pm.  

Game Fair! August 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 (Friday and Saturday 9-6:00, Sunday 9-5:00). The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation needs union members to volunteer at their booth. Contact Graeme Allen @612-481-2144 or Graeme@minneapolisunions.org for more information or to volunteer. A planning meeting is scheduled for July 7.

Picnic Invites Donations, Volunteers! The planning committee for the 2015 AFSCME Family Picnic is now accepting donations. This annual rank-and-file picnic relies on contributions from AFSCME locals and volunteers to make the picnic a success. Organizers are seeking: Pledges for potluck food and desserts,  cash donations to acquire meat to grill, to buy discounted Water Park tickets, and to rent the Pavilion and  Volunteers to staff the picnic. To learn more, contact Duane Gatzke at 651-472-2787 or by email. Make checks payable to:“ AFSCME Family Picnic / Duane R. Gatzke.” The picnic takes place Sunday August 16 at Battle Creek Regional Park in Maplewood.

Speakeasy '15! Kicking ass for the working class deserves a party. Because Labor Ball is an inclusive community, Labor and union event, connecting people across sectors, class & affiliation. Because Labor Ball is becoming an annual event-one that has opportunity in its being solidified as a cooperative, local institution. Because Labor Ball is prided on its coordination as a shared production of Labor allies & organizations. Because Labor Ball is an opportunity to enjoy time with likeminded activists, growing our networks. Like was said, because kicking ass for the working class deserves a party. Save the date - September 12.  

Have a great day and thank you for visiting our union's website!