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Established in April 1950, AFSCME Local 34 represents over 2000 Social Service employees of Hennepin County

Standing Rock Solidarity

AFSCME Local 34's Deb Konechne and Deb O'neil traveled to Standing Rock over the holiday weekend to participate in organized solidarity actions opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

While there, they presented our union's solidarity resolution to Standing Rock member Virgil Taken Alive, who read and accepted the resolution and will deliver it to Standing Rock tribal chair, Dave Archambault II.

Pictured: Standing Rock member Virgil Taken Alive accepts AFSCME Council 5's solidarity resolution, presented by AFSCME Local 34 member Deb Konechne.  


Labor Lunch at Century Plaza

AFSCME Happy Hour 

First Friday of every month. 5 p.m. Mac’s Industrial Bar. 

Are You Up to Date?

Can your union reach you when you’re not at work? To make sure we can, we need your personal – not work – email and phone. Simply fill out the form on Council 5's website.

AFSCME Strong on the Rise

86% of Local 34 are now full members of our union. AFSCME Strong is our program to determine our own destiny by building a stronger union with members who are more engaged. Sign a membership card to protect your job, defend our rights and preserve the quality of services we provide our communities. Our goal is to reach 94% membership. Contact any of the officers or stewards to sign a card or plan to attend one of the AFSCME Strong trainings.

Scholarship Application

The AFSCME Family Scholarship for 2017 is now taking applications. Children of full dues-paying members can apply for one of 10 scholarships, worth $2,000 a year for up to four years. The postmark deadline is December 31. Download the form and learn more here.



  AFSCME Local 34                       Updated 12/7/2016


Holiday party at the December 7, 2016 General Assembly 

Please join as us as we share food and talk about the past year and look forward to 2017. 

General Membership Meeting, 12/7/16 - HSB - Room L15/L14 

AFSCME Local 34 December Newsletter


Onboarding and HSR promotional process  

We wanted to inform our membership on actions that have been taken regarding concerns that you have. Specifically, VP Katherine A. Kelly and Chief Stewards Kela Williams and Mara Ssengendo are working on issues concerning HSRs through the HSR Meet and Confer process.Currently, the big issues that have been on the table are Onboarding and HSR to HSR Senior promotional process. For Onboarding, Union and management are working towards an improved process that has received feedback from both sides of the table. Some of the feedback received from HSR’s included time to practice the work in between learning new processes and more time to practice the work before certification. There are many more concerns regarding the process but this is only just a few. We (meaning the Union and Management) are in agreement that improvements are needed in all areas of Onboarding to support new staffs growth and success in the process. Read more in the December newsletter.

MSSA delegates

We renewed our membership with MSSA for 2017. Based on that membership, Local 34 is entitled to 7 delegates to MSSA. We will elect those 7 delegates at the December 7, 2016 General Assembly. If you are interested in serving as one of our delegates, plan to attend the meeting to put your name forward for the election.

Commissioner Randy Johnson retires 

Commissioner Johnson is stepping down from office as Commissioner of District 5 at the end of this year. His final County Board meeting will be December 13, 2016 after serving on the County Board since January 1979. He has the distinction of being the longest serving Commissioner since Hennepin County was founded in 1852. Commissioner Johnson was instrumental in the creation of the accretion agreement we have in place here at Hennepin County. That means that we can organize workers employed by Hennepin County without fear of management interference that is experienced in other agencies and in the private sector in the organizing process. He also was a strong voice in keeping HCMC a quasi-public entity when the move was made to make it more competitive with private hospitals. That enabled our fellow AFSCME members in Locals 977 and 2474 to retain their PERA status for their pensions. Please join us in thanking him for his many years of service to the residents of Hennepin County and wish both he and his wife, Polly, many happy years of retirement.

Support Bakery Workers

The Minnesota AFL-CIO is calling attention to union-busting tactics by Franklin Street Bakery in Minneapolis. According to unfair labor practice filings, management allegedly is threatening employees with plant closure or the loss of their jobs; preventing people from going to the breakroom or bathroom to discourage participation in a union rally; warning them to stop discussing a union or share workplace concerns; sending workers home early without pay or threatening to do so; and prohibiting workers from giving out union information while on breaks. Workers say they want to form a union because they face poor working conditions including unaffordable health coverage, low wages and a lack of time off for illness or funerals. They want to improve these conditions and gain a voice by forming a union with BCTGM Local 22. We can help our brothers and sisters at the bakery by signing a petition, which asks bakery owners to respect workers’ rights to unionize.

REGLA DE ORO store closing 

REGLA DE ORO - Art Gallery & Fair Trade Gifts offers consumers a conscientious alternative to meeting their buying needs, while providing a market for unique art and quality fair trade products. They work with local artists from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas & community non-profits, and provide a portion of all event proceeds to Arts Education and Social Justice related Non-Profit organizations. 2016 brought many challenges and unanticipated opportunities for Regla De Oro.  It's with mixed feelings we announce the closing of our storefront on Saturday, December 24. It has been our great honor and privilege to have served you in our Lyndale Avenue location(s) during the last 6+ years. We'd like to thank our small business partners, community & fabulous customers for your loyalty and support. In the New Year we will focus on selling Fair Trade items through our online store & beginning in Spring 2017 we will resume our participation at various sales around the Twin Cities and will be posted on our Facebook page and at

Council 5 is hiring

AFSCME is taking applications for a field representative based out of the South St. Paul office to build local union capacity and empower members. The deadline is December 14 at 4 p.m. Find details online at under the "Jobs tab".

Redesign rosie

AFSCME is partnering with the Creative Action Network to help re-imagine the iconic “We Can Do It” poster, and we need your help. To helpcelebrate modern-day workers who make America happen, we’re seeking designs from you that depict hard-working Americans like AFSCME members. To submit an original design or to view examples, visit

AFSCME launches new labor history website

Jennifer Munt, Council 5 Public Affairs Director, wrote and directed the performances.  "Worker rights, civil rights and human rights are all connected," said Munt.  "Now, more than ever, we must remember who we are and what we fight to protect as a labor movement.  We hope AFSCME Roots will help working people do that."

The historic figures brought to life in six vignettes are: Sojourner Truth, a former slave who struggled to free other African Americans, performed by Sametta Hill;  Mother Jones, the iconic miner and child worker organizer, voiced by Sara Franck; Pauline Newman, garment worker and lesbian rights pioneer, interpreted by Mary Falk; Eugene Debs, railroad organizer and Socialist presidential candidate, portrayed by Dennis Frazier; Bayard Rustin, gay civil rights leader and strategist, played by Vaughn Thompson; and Jerry Wurf, consummate AFSCME leader and mentor to Eliot Seide, who portrays him.  All of these historic leaders faced and overcame serious adversities to advance the rights of working people. 

Assiniboine/Nakota singer Georgia Wettlin Larsen opens the series with a Cheyenne honor song.  She recognizes the labor of her ancestors and all women workers, as well as the critical importance of the land and water that support all people.

The music coupled with the portrayal of each leader was performed by renowned local talents Larry Long, Sharice McCain, Billy Steele and Georgia Wettlin Larsen.The songs repeatedly brought the crowd to its feet.

The new site also includes the reflections of the performers on how the examples of leaders they portrayed have inspired their own work on behalf of fellow union members and all workers. Also featured are downloadable resources to make sharing labor history easy. The videos were shot and edited by Randy Croce and Howard Kling of the University of Minnesota Labor Education Service. The new site provides a new, dynamic way to tap into and spread appreciation of labor’s rich legacy.  ~ Randy Croce, Labor Education Service

Cradle Will Rock


December’s labor movie night film is “Cradle Will Rock” (1999), an American historical drama film written, produced and directed by Tim Robbins. The story fictionalizes the true events that surrounded the development of the 1937 musical “The Cradle Will Rock” by Marc Blitzstein; it adapts history to create an account of the original production, bringing in other stories of the time to produce a social commentary on the role of art and power in the 1930s, particularly amidst the struggles of the labor movement at the time and the corresponding appeal of socialism and communism among many intellectuals, artists and working-class people in the same period. 

When: December 16, 6:00

Where: East Side Freedom Library, 1105 Greenbriar, St. Paul

Twin Cities Labor Movie Night, and the screening of “Cradle Will Rock” is co-sponsored by AFSCME Local 3800, AFSCME Council 5, AFSCME Local 2822, Local 34, Local 1164, Local 607. Teamsters Local 638, IBEW 292, UNITE-HERE Local 17, Minneapolis Labor Review. Free and open to all.



AFSCME Council 5 advocates for excellence in public services, dignity in the workplace, and opportunity and prosperity for all workers.

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AFSCME women make up close to 60% of the union’s membership.

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