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Snacks, beer and soda will be available during the films. Donations appreciated!

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   AFSCME Local 34     Updated 11/24/2015

Contract Negotiations Over - Tentative Agreement Reached!

Your Table Team members of the six AFSCME locals - 34, 551, 1719, 2822, 2864 and 2938 – reached a tentative agreement with the Employer Monday night, November 16th around 10:00 p.m. We began the day at 8:00 a.m. with the rally on the Public Service Level in the Government Center with our negotiation session following at 9:00 a.m. We had a number of proposals and counter-proposals between our union folks and the Employer. 

You will receive a complete summary of the offer with all the nuts and bolts via U.S. mail by the end of this week. The contract vote is set for Thursday, 12/3/2015 at 18 sites around the County – sites and times to be announced later.

So, to get to what you want to know, here is a "short summary" of the agreement:

Term of contract:  Three years - 1/1/2016 -12/31/2018

Steps remain in place all three years of the contract.

Base wage of $15.00 – means that all job classes with wages of less than $15.00/hour now will increase to $15.00 effective 2016.

General wage adjustment - COLA




Top of wage range




In the range




Minimum raise for those in range

(This means that folks will see a raise of at least $.27 in 2017 and $.45 in 2018)




Drop bottom steps for following job classes (Note: There are currently no employees on these steps of the respective job classes):

Chemical Health Counselor - eliminate bottom 4 steps

Chemical Health Counselor, Sr. - eliminate bottom 4 steps

Child Support Officer - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Child Support Officer, Principal - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Community Health Worker - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Corrections Counselor - eliminate bottom 3 steps

Health Care Quality Improvement Specialist - eliminate bottom 2 steps

LPN - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Medical Examiner Investigation Assistant - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Medical Examiner Technician - eliminate bottom 2 steps

MHP Medical Services Coordinator - eliminate bottom 1 step

Psychologist, Clinical - eliminate bottom 4 steps

Social Worker, Psychiatric - eliminate bottom 3 steps

Sterile Processing Technician - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Training Specialist - eliminate bottom 4 steps

Volunteer Coordinator - eliminate bottom 2 steps

Volunteer Coordinator, Sr. - eliminate bottom 2 steps    


Drop steps and move employees to new bottom step:

Social Worker - eliminate bottom 6 steps and move 23 employees to step 7 (new 1st step).

Social Worker, Sr. - eliminate bottom 3 steps and move 15 employees to step 4 (new 1st step).

Planning Analyst - eliminate bottom 5steps and move 10 employees to step 6 (new 1st step).


Market adjustments:

Public Health Nurse - one additional step at the top (5%) in 2016 and one additional step at the top in (5%)in 2017.

Social Worker, Psychiatric, Sr. - one additional step (5%) at the top in 2016 and eliminate the bottom step. 

Corrections Officer - additional 2% to the top step in 2016; additional 1% to the range in 2016 and drop the bottom step in 2017.

Corrections Officer, Sr. - additional 2% to the top step in 2016; additional 1% to the range in 2016; eliminate bottom 2 steps in 2016. 

Service Center Representative - additional 2% to the top step in 2016 and eliminate bottom 3 steps in 2016.

Sheriff’s Records Coordinator - additional 2% to the top step in 2016 and additional 2% to the range in 2016. 

Veterans Service Representative - additional 2% to the top step in 2016 and eliminate bottom 2 steps in 2016. 

Community Health Worker, Sr. - additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom 2 steps in 2016.

Medical Assistant - additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom 2 steps in 2016.

Social Worker, Child Protection - additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016 and elimination of the bottom step in 2016 (this will move 28 employees up to the new top step).

WIC Nutritionist - additional 1.5% to the top step in 2016. 

Sentence to Service Crew Leader - additional 1% to the top step in 2016.

Service Center Rep, Sr. - additional 1% to the top step in 2016.

Legal Service Specialist - additional 1% to the top step in 2016.      


We have Meet & Confer language on a variety of issues ranging from resources & tools to support workers in a mobile & regionalized work environment to technology changes and resulting impact to health care cost containment to work week schedule to efficacy of the Child Protection Induction unit to HSPHD work culture to HSR series issues workload & performance standards.   

We have shift and weekend differential increases to bring those amounts up to $1.00 /hour by 2017 except for those that were already over $1.00/hour. 

The health insurance agreement is what you have seen reflected in the open enrollment plan.   

Again, look for the complete summary in your mail box by the end of this week. If you have moved recently, please send me your new address so our records can be updated. If you have updated APEX with this information, it should be sent to the AFSCME Council 5 office. 

Thank you to all of you who have been wearing your green shirts on Tuesdays, who attended the rallies and informational pickets, who made phone calls to the Commissioners, who worked on our EE&O Committee (kudos for all their time, energy and hard work to pull everything off), who helped with informational meetings, who attended County Board meetings, who helped to craft our original proposal. Your contributions helped to get us to this spot. 

Thank you to the Table Team members of Locals 552, 1719, 2722, 2864 and 2938. You did good work.  

Last, but most definitely not least, THANK YOU to Alex Erickson, Brenda Louise, Kathy Kelly, Kenneth Garnier, Maggie Keating and Tywanna Gray.  It has been a huge honor and privilege to serve with you on our Local 34 Table Team. Your insights, wisdom, counsel, ideas, suggestions and tough decision making skills are so much appreciated by me. Our members will all benefit from your efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.     

Feel free to share this with you coworkers. 

Thank you, Jean Diederich, President, AFSCME Local 34   


Stop Attacking Working People!

Friends - Right-wing billionaires are pushing a Supreme Court case called Friedrichs v California Teachers Association that could make it much more difficult for public service workers to come together, speak up, and get ahead. This would have devastating effects on public service workers across the country, AFSCME members in particular. Sign this petition to raise awareness about how wealthy special interests are continuing their attacks on working people., In a nutshell, Friedrichs seeks to eliminate something called fair share fees, which nonmembers contribute towards the cost of negotiating and enforcing strong contracts that make it easier to support our families. As all public employees enjoy the benefits, job security and other protections our union negotiates, it is only fair that all employees contribute to the cost of securing those benefits and protections. It should be no surprise that this effort to weaken public sector unions like ours is being funded by corporate CEOs and wealthy special interests. Enough is enough! We need to tell America what's happening. Sign this petition telling the Center for Individual Rights to stop attacking working people. Giving working people the ability to speak up together through their unions leads to a balanced economy and fair wages for all workers. When we speak up together with one voice we get better pay, better benefits, and ensure a better quality of life for all our families. ~ Amy Hendrick, AFSCME


Walker Caregivers Picket for a Fair Contract!


Caregivers at Walker Methodist Health Center in South Minneapolis deserve dignity, respect, and a fair contract. But even though Walker workers take care of some of Minnesota’s most vulnerable elderly citizens, the employer’s been trying to bust our union for over a decade. That’s why dozens of Walker caregivers, alongside community activists and strong allies from the labor movement, held an informational picked outside the health care facility on Sunday afternoon. Read more 

Stand with U of M Workers! 

University of Minnesota AFSCME and Teamsters members have been in negotiations with the University since June, and the Administration has yet to propose an acceptable wage increase. While top administrators at the U make six-figure salaries, frontline workers are barely scraping by. 84% of clerical workers are female, and 22% of unionized workers are people of color, yet the University is offering the most diverse employee groups raises of less than 1 percent - not even enough to cover bus fare. To add insult to injury, they have told workers that two weeks of parental leave is enough to take care of our newborn infants even though bosses are given six weeks paid time off. They have also refused to introduce a $15 minimum wage. Minnesotans consider the U of M their University, even if they didn’t attend school there. Workers are asking everyone to let the University administration know what makes you #UMNProud: Fair wages, fair benefits, and respect on the job – for ALL workers at the U. Take action now.

Support Elk River School Custodians! 

Elk River School District 728 is seeking to outsource custodial jobs. Current custodians are members of SEIU Local 284. On December 1 at 7:30 a.m. there will be an action outside the Handke Center, 1170 Main St., Elk River where a pre-proposal meeting for contractors will be held. We would like a strong turnout. On December 14th at 4:30 p.m. there will be an action starting at the Gateway Church, 13913 185th Ave., Elk River. We will organize and have dinner there and then go to the School board meeting at 6:30. We are asking for a strong turnout there, too. Please help support the custodians of SEIU 284.

Public Unions Keep Everyone Safe! 

An opinion article by AFSCME field representative and former bridge inspector Bart Andersen was featured in the Duluth News Tribune last week. Andersen was on the front lines when the 1-35W bridge collapsed in 2007, and with the help of our union, spoke out to secure transportation funding for safe roads and bridges. Andersen’s article in the Tribune emphasizes the important role public unions play in keeping Minnesotans safe. Special-interest attacks on unions will result in the deterioration of our infrastructure and put working families in danger. Read and share the full article on the Duluth News Tribune website.

Apply for AFSCME Scholarships! 

AFSCME International is accepting applications for its annual Family Scholarship. The renewable, $2,000 scholarship is for current high-school seniors in AFSCME families who will graduate in 2016. The application deadline is Dec. 31. Get application materials and eligibility requirements on the AFSCME website.  

Report Shows Pensions Drive Our Economy! 

The 2015 annual financial reports of Minnesota’s four public pension funds illustrate the significant contributions our pensions make to strengthen our economy. In total, public pensions fed nearly $4 billion into Minnesota’s economy in fiscal year 2015. Download the full report at www.afscmemn.org/pensions.


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