AFSCME Celebration of Rights

Human Rights, Civil Rights, Worker Rights! 

Heather Hemmer, Local 34, speaks about the right to a prosperous future.

Katie Farber, Local 34, addresses delegates on the idea of representative government.

Maslah Jama, Local 34, applauds a speaker during the convention.

Hassan Diriye, Local 34, during a workshop on the right to organize.

Nearly 800 delegates, alternates and guests gathered in Duluth for the 7th Annual AFSCME Council 5 convention October 6-7.

“WE ARE ONE: Human Rights, Civil Rights & Worker Rights” was the theme of this year’s event. Due to popular demand, we’ve compiled a collection of the exciting things that participants saw, heard and had to say.

Check out the fun stuff, which was shared at our convention:

WE ARE ONE logo white; logo green
WE ARE ONE poster
Convention Photo Gallery
Presentation: War on Workers
Presentation: ALEC Exposed
Audio: ALEC Writes Arizona's Anti-Immigration Law
Video: We Remember 9/11
Video: I AM A MAN: The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike
Video: From Memphis to Madison: Our Struggle Continues
Video: Sen. Scott Dibble: MN’s anti-gay marriage amendment is hurtful
Video: ACLU Says Voter Photo ID is Unconstitutional
Video: We Want to Work for Minnesota Ad
Video: Shutdown Vigil
Video: Downeyville Rally
Video: Day on the Hill
Video: AFSCME at the U: Making Success Possible