AFSCME Convention History in Pictures



First AFSCME Convention - The AFSCME convention took place at the Book-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, Michigan in 1936. AFSCME President Arnold Zander is seated with folded hands in the center front. Behind and to his left is Secretary-Treasurer Roy Kubista.


Second AFSCME Convention - Delegates to the 1937 AFSCME International Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


1948 AFSCME Convention - AFSCME President Arnold Zander speaks at the 1948 Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.


1956 AFSCME Convention - Congressman Francisco Aguirre Alegria, representing the Mexican Federation of Government Workers, and Chief Olusimi Beyioku, general secretary of the Nigeria Ports Authority, were among the members of the international trade union movement who were guests at the AFSCME 1956 Convention in Detroit.


1968 AFSCME Convention - AFSCME President Jerry Wurf honors Coretta Scott King a few months after her husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated while helping to support AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis, TN. Reverend Ralph Abernathy looks on at the 1968 AFSCME Convention in Bal Harbour, FL.


1974 AFSCME Convention - AFSCME leaders appear on stage at the 1974 International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii. From left: Secretary-Treasurer William Lucy, Gerald McEntee who became International President in 1981, Judicial Panel head Joseph Ames, and William McEntee, father of president McEntee, former president of District Council 33 in Philadelphia, and former International Vice President.


2010 AFSCME Convention - On the opening day of AFSCME's 2010 Convention, delegates paid tribute to former Secretary-Treasurer William "Bill" Lucy. A video tribute highlighted Lucy's trajectory as a tireless fighter for equality and economic fairness.

2010 AFSCME Convention - Newly-installed Secretary-Treasurer Lee A. Saunders addresses delegates at AFSCME's 39th International Convention in Boston.