AFSCME International Convention

June, 2002

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Delegate Hotel / and Convention Center 




Bellagio Hotel Water Show (Near the Convention Center)


Bellagio Hotel Water Show Video


Convention Opening Night Entertainment



Local 34 Delegates At Work / Play




AFSCME Delegates Marched On The Non-Union Hotels 

AFSCME's enthusiastic demonstrations in behalf of HERE's Las Vegas culinary workers, carried out during the Convention there, apparently had a real impact. All of the downtown (vs. "Strip") hotels that were denying the workers a fair contract have now settled with HERE. The last of the group, the century-old Golden Gate Hotel, reached an agreement, and members of the local ratified it by a resounding vote of 118-0.  


Erin Brockovich's speech "People Can Make as Difference"  and Martin Sheen was made an honorary member of AFSCME.


Delegates Presented Local 34 Afghan Made By Laurie Simon To President Gerald W. McEntee


AFSCME Delegates on the Convention Floor


Sightseeing After Convention Adjourns