Mileage Policy Changes in Hennepin County







Re. Mileage reimbursement


AFSCME Council 5, Local #34 (Social Services Unit) (Union) and Hennepin County (Employer) have agreed that in order to avoid the time and expense associated with taking the above-described grievance to arbitration, the parties will settle the matter according to the following terms:


1)  A County employee determined by the Employer to satisfy the “principal place of business” requirements of Section 280A(c)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and described in IRS Publications 463 (Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses) and 587 (Business Use of Your Home)(“eligible employees”), shall be designated as eligible for the non-taxable reimbursement of business-related mileage costs for distances between the employee’s home and first and last work-related destinations in the work day.  

2)  Such designation shall be memorialized by the completion of the “Principle Place of Business Designation Form” for each eligible employee, which shall be renewed annually.   

3)  Eligible employees may submit a complete and accurate mileage reimbursement form, along with any supporting documents, to their department Finance/Accounting office, for each month of expenses incurred subsequent to May 1, 2007, but prior to the effective date of this agreement, for distances between their homes and first and last work-related locations that were not previously reimbursed.  Such reimbursements will be processed as soon as practicable.   

4)  The parties agree that the Employer is solely responsible for determining if employees are eligible for reimbursement pursuant to provision 1, above, and that such determinations are non-grievable under the parties’ labor agreement.  

5)  Employees who are denied the “Principal Place of Business Designation” may request reconsideration of the denial from the Department Director or Designee.   


FOR THE UNION:                               FOR THE EMPLOYER:  


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Matt Nelson                                       Christine Yates

Business Representative                    Labor Relations Representative

AFSCME Local 34                            Hennepin County


Mileage Grievance Settlement (4/2008)


The Mileage and Parking Reimbursement Policy has been modified to account for those employees that are designated as having home offices that qualify as "Principal Places of Business". 

On the Office of Budget and Finance's website is the form that will need to be completed / approved for employees to be reimbursed, under the "Home Office as Principal Place of Business" provision of the new policy (under "Principal Place of Business Designation Form"). All members who believe they are eligible should forward this form to their supervisor for completion and processing.