Quick Overview Hennepin’s 2009 Budget:

$1.7 billion

About 37 percent of the budget comes from property tax dollars; the remainder is supported by state and federal dollars, fees for services and other sources.

Approximately 7,600 full-time equivalent positions or 8,200 employees.

Where does it go?

(Note: Numbers may be rounded up)

Human Services – 31 percent: $529.8 million
Provides the safety net for vulnerable people, including people who are mentally ill; seniors and people who are disabled; children and adults who are at risk of abuse; children who need financial support from a parent; veterans; and low-income people who need help with food support, economic assistance, work support, and housing.

General Government – 17 percent: $295 million
Includes a variety of departments that maintain basic operations of county government, including human resources, the budget office, the county assessor, information technology, internal audit, and property services.

Public Safety – 15 percent: $258.6 million
Includes the operations of county corrections (including the county jail and the juvenile detention center); the sheriff's office; the county attorney's office; the law library; and the emergency radio communications system.

Health – 13 percent: $229.7 million
Includes operating NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, the Metropolitan Health Plan, and the Medical Examiner's office as well as covering uncompensated care at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Capital Improvements – 13 percent: $216.7 million
Includes highway and bridge construction projects and maintaining county facilities.

Public Works – 7 percent: $119 million
Includes housing and transit planning and development, environmental services and programs such as recycling, operating the Glen Lake Golf Course, and the countywide emergency management program.

Libraries – 4 percent: $73.8 million
Operatesw 41 librairies.

Source: Hennepin County