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Local 34 Editorial Policy


This policy pertains to articles printed in the monthly newsletter and posted on the Localís web site.


The purpose of the newsletter and the web site is to inform members about the affairs of the Union at the local, council, state and national level.


A related purpose is to build solidarity within the Union in order to achieve the goals of the Union to improve the working lives of the members.


Because both the newsletter and the web site are the public face of the Local to both our friends and foes nothing will appear in either publication which will hint at or allude to dissension or internal struggles within the local.


Every member of the local has the right to express his/her personal opinions, whether positive or negative towards the leaders of the local or the polices of the organization. It is the policy of the local that we express those opinions or feelings within the safety of our union family through private communication to the leadership and/or at general membership meetings.


Both the newsletter editor and the web master will use this policy as a guide when deciding which material to accept or reject for publication.


Any disagreements between the editor, web master and those wishing to submit material will be referred to the Executive Board for final determination.  (adopted 6/2005)