We Remember 35 W Bridge Collapse - 2012

Broken bridge Minneapolis skyline

Minneapolis skyline Aug 1st, 2007 -  Minnesota’s broken bridge became a national symbol of crumbling infrastructure.

Bart Andersen

In 2007, AFSCME’s Bart Andersen warned Congress that MnDOT needed more bridge inspectors to keep motorists safe.

Hastings Bridge

AFSCME took reporters on a “scary bridge tour” that exposed the dangerous Hastings Bridge.

911 responder  

911 operator Roberta Dunkley dispatched first responders to the collapsed 35W bridge.

First aid administered

Probation officer Deanne Schultz gave first aid.

Red Cross

Red Cross workers saved lives with blood transfusions.

MnDOT workers

MnDOT workers - Mike Hartell, Dennis Hill, Daryl Schossow and Darren Trast detoured traffic.

Dan Schueller

Dan Schueller of Local 668 jumped off his bicycle to rescue motorists from their vehicles.

AFSCME Council 5