Whose Performance Review is This Anyway?


Most members take annual performance reviews very seriously. For many a salary increase is dependent upon the annual performance rating. For all, the content of the performance review is a permanent record, which may have a positive or negative impact on career advancement. At the August General Assembly meeting several members expressed concern that their supervisors were soliciting their peers for comments regarding their work. Unit supervisors are supposed to have the training and experience to evaluate the performance of their staff. The HR rules places that responsibility on them. Peers, on the other hand, are not in a position to fairly and adequately evaluate each otherís work. It was the consensus of the group that our members should protest such practice to their supervisor and program supervisor and respond to it with a written rebuttal to be attached to the performance review. They also recommended that all members refuse to respond to inquiries regarding each otherís work.

~ Cliff Robinson, Local 34 Chief Steward