Letter from Deb, outgoing Membership Secretary

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I am so grateful for the years I have served as Membership Secretary and am honored to have met and worked with so many amazing rank and file workers. I thank all of you whom I have worked side by side with- for your ideas, your tenacity, your efforts, your camaraderie, and your  inspiration!💚 

Over my years in this office we have weathered the Janus decision and union busting efforts and actually grown stronger! We have increased our membership to nearly 90%.  We have reached 100% membership at our New Employee Orientations for the past 8 months at all but one orientation.  We have brought our union repeatedly out to the worksites and to our members as was never done before.  We have increased our union reps and activists and leaders tremendously. We have worked hard to create a spirit of collectivity, democracy, respect and unity and mostly did away with business-unionism. 

I am committed to continue to work to make our union a united union that is open, honest, welcoming, respectful and engaged.  A union that honors and involves our members.  And I will continue to work to strip away any divisive or destructive efforts that threaten our unity and our union family.

I love our members and I sincerely thank those of you who have worked so hard to strengthen and bring our union together.  And I again thank you for the opportunity to have served as Membership Secretary. I look forward to continuing to work together and continue what we have started.   I am humbled and deeply honored.

With Love and Solidarity,

Deborah Konechne