Do You Need Work from Home Equipment for a Medical Reason?

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Contract Update – 2/24/22

There was a Human Services Department survey that went out on July 6, 2020, and finished July 14th, 2020 asking what type of equipment you needed to work from home.

The equipment choices on the survey were:

  • a monitor
  • a keyboard
  • a docking station (which would be needed if either of the above were selected)
  • an ethernet cord 7 feet or more

If you missed the deadline for the first survey, and cannot wait for another survey to occur, or you need equipment for a medical reason that was not listed on the survey you took, you can request a Work Accommodation. A Doctor’s letter will be required for a Work Accommodation. A Work Accommodation can help you obtain proper equipment to work from home ergonomically. You can ask your supervisor if you have any questions.

To request a Work Accommodation, complete the request form online: Go to, click Employees, then select Work Accommodations under Benefits in blue on the Employees homepage, or go directly to

If you do not need equipment for a medical reason, and you missed the deadline for the survey, you will need to wait until the second round of equipment surveys go out. There is no set time for this to occur currently.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Local 34 Health and Safety Committee