2021 Contract Negotiations!

2021 Contract Negotiations!

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Our contract ends at the end of 2021 and we are organizing to gain an even better contract starting in 2022! After having sent out our survey to members of each AFSCME Local at Hennepin County, we created a list of master proposals:

We will be hosting virtual contract updates for members, and have posted these meetings in our Members Only Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Local34/events

The Master Team listed below consists of members who participated in numerous sessions and discussions to develop proposals and rationale and intent behind them, on behalf of Local 34. The Master Committee is a committee of members in good standing to review, consider, narrow, amend, and approve proposed contract proposals.

Master Committee

Kay Powell

Paul Madison

Christina M Eichorn 

Brianne E Carmichael

Remy K. Huerta-Stemper

Darcy M Young

Deborah L Konechne

Lindsay M Schwab

Ronisha S Buckner

Delia M Dilday

Regina Andrews

Kenneth W Garnier 

Karen H Anderson

James Eddie Ford 

Tamra L Smith

Natalie J Hopfield 

Jamie A Buergel

Aimee J Wimberly

Rhonda D Hopkins

James W Edin

David Paurus

Sametta E Hill

Tamika Hannah

Chris Brazelton

Lane Marritt 

The Table Team members listed below will participate in negotiation sessions with the Employer, Hennepin County, in the representation of Local 34. They will participate both in negotiations together with all six AFSCME locals and in Local 34-specific supplemental negotiations sessions. The Table Team are the members in good standing who negotiate our new contract at the table with the employer.

Table Team

Grace Baltich

Paul Madison

Sametta Hill

Tamika Hannah

Deb Konechne

Remy Huerta-Stemper

Brianne Carmichael

David Paurus

Christina Eichorn

Chris Brazelton

Lane Marritt (APS Team)