History of the Plan

In 1984, Hennepin County did not offer dental coverage of any kind to employees. During the 1984 negotiations for the 1985-86 contract, members wanted to start a dental plan. They took a half percent of their 4.5% increase and put it toward funding for the dental trust. This created a dental Voluntary Employee Benefit Agreement: a mutual association of employees providing certain specified benefits to its members or their designated beneficiaries. It may be funded by the employees or their employer, or in our case, both. This agreement is unique to public sector employees and is tax free.

This left the dental trust entirely in the hands of the Locals. The employer – employee split has been negotiated in contracts ever since. Usually a penny or two will be added for both the employees and the employer. In 2003, we became self-insured, meaning we kept Delta Dental as our provider but began administering the fund ourselves to save members money by cutting out administrative costs. We have expanded and enriched the services over the years. Notably, our trust was one of the early plans to cover dental implants. Over the course of the past 32 years we have made a series of wise choices that have kept the plan in great health. Our dental plan is less expensive and offers superior coverage to the Hennepin County plan.

The amounts received are pursuant to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement between the Local Union and the participating employers. The amounts paid for benefits are based on claims made by the Welfare Fund to the dental provider.

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