Your Local 34 Stewards are Here!

Contact Chief Stewards Remy Huerta-Stemper or Brian Olson immediately if you need a steward present at a meeting with your manager or supervisor. A steward may be present for any discussion that could in any way lead to discipline or termination, or affect your personal working conditions. (Weingarten Rights)

Jamoda Acevedo

Brenda Blaisdell

Julio Blee Alarcon

Teisha Broomfield

Jacqueline Coleman

Solange Davis-Rivera

Shanaya Dungey

James Edin

William Fernow

Emily Frazier

Kenneth W. Garnier

Sarah Haigh

Tasheema Hopson

Janine Hudson

Cindy Johnson

Maria Johnson

Kathy Kelly

Caroline Malone



Watchen Marshall

Zachary Nagle

Tremayne Odom

Dawn Olmstead

David Paurus

Sheri Peterson

Jonathan Reeck

Shawnice Reid

Ryan Rud

Alyssa Saby

Karla Schulz

Lindsay Schwab

Shakiya Shafer

Sean Watkins

Florence Williams

All Stewards serve a year longnappointment beginning in May and lasting until April of the following year.