Strike Preparation

We will be posting resources links here for members who want to help us prepare for a potential strike.

If you have not signed the AFSCME Local 34 Solidarity Pledge, please do so here and share this link with co-workers:

Our Strike and Strike Prep FAQ:

AFSCME Local 34 has a Strike & Hardship Fund where members can apply for a financial hardship so that they do not cross the picket line. The application for the Strike & Hardship Fund will be posted here prior to a strike.

We highly encourage members to be prepared financially for a potential strike by putting money aside in the event that we need to strike. A good resource that you can use to prepare is MNA’s Rainy Day Calculator here, where you will get a detailed email showing how much you need to save each pay period to be financially prepared: If we do not need to go on strike, you will be better financially prepared to face any other situations life may send your way – so start saving today!

Union Plus credit card holders may apply for a $500 strike grant: Union Plus Mortgage holders can get six months of payments strike grant:

We are going to need everyone on board as we work to get the best contract possible. Become a Strike Captain, volunteer, or join a Committee by signing up at

Remember most of these benefits and resources are for union members only. Please sign up to become a member if you have not already at or call 651-450-4990.

Members are also encouraged to join our members-only Facebook group for internal communication and follow our public-facing Facebook page.